Promoting Pastoral Care

Caring for each other is a key aspect of our beloved community and this is especially important during this time when we are without a minister. It may be unclear who to speak to, in the absence of a minister, if you wish to have a quiet chat about something personal, have a concern about someone housebound, or wonder who to contact if you wish to arrange a wedding or a funeral service.

Chalice Lighting Words

‘Depression is now the leading cause of ill health and disability in the world, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), following a huge spike in the number of people who report living with the condition’. (Guardian Newspaper 31 March 2017).

It is our practice for a different member of our community to light our chalice at the start of Sunday worship. It is an opportunity to highlight important concerns and issues.


On the final morning of the meetings, the new Executive Committee (trustees) of the General Assembly took over from the old EC. This year Joan Cook stepped down after serving the maximum of two consecutive terms and eight years of service in all.

Together We Can Make an Impact

Sometimes I meet people who attended St Mark’s years previously, and I am always impressed by the strength of affection in which these individuals hold our community. I know for myself that there have been key points in my life when Andrew Hill or Maud Robinson have profoundly touched me through their meaningful and inspiring services.