Members of our congregation participate in Sunday services in various ways, including lighting our chalice and contributing thought-provoking words.

Earlier this year, the theme of JOAN COOK’S was ‘Music’. RACHAEL KING’S chalice lighting words that day reflected the importance of music in our daily lives, and there were also chalice lighting words by HILARY DAVIES and JANE AARONSON.

On 22 April,
LESLEY HARTLEY led worship. The service included readings, which were chosen and read by members of the congregation to celebrate the season of Spring. Our Convener, MARY McKENNA contributed her own closing words, which looked forward to the future.

The Universal Language

This morning I should like to look at an aspect of our services of worship, which is often taken for granted, that is, Music.

This month (January 2018) sees the anniversaries of the births of some of the world’s greatest composers; Mozart (1756), Schubert (1797), Verdi (1813), and Delius (1862). And 21 January 2018, marks the anniversaries of two quite different pieces of music. In 1947 Arthur Honegger's 4th Symphony premiered in Basle, and in 1903, The Wizard of Oz musical, premiered in New York City.

Why do we have music in our services?

Memories of this year’s General Assembly Meetings

Sara Robertson reports on the provision for young people at the GA

Going to a church AGM doesn’t instinctively feel like an enjoyable thing to do with children. It has, however, become one of our family highlights of the year. This was our third GA and I know it will not be our last. Although not voting delegates, we weren’t stuck for things to do nor did we feel out of place.

There is a full creche/Youth Programme for children. Under 5s and 5-12 year olds have separate leaders, but do most activities together. The teenage section is more flexible, allowing for some self-guided activities, and time for relaxation and revision for those who have the pressure of imminent exams.

Looking forward to The Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018 at artSpace@StMarks

Hello, my name is Michael Mulligan and as many of you will know by now I am the Venue Manager for the Church for the three weeks in August when the Edinburgh Festival Fringe descends on the city. Once again, this year Ross is our in-house daily Venue Manager and, as ever, he will take very good care of the performers and also of all the fantastic members of the congregation that volunteer to help.

The past few months have seen me programming the various groups and artists that will visit us in August, some old favourites and some very new ones. I hope you will take the time to volunteer or perhaps come along and see some of the shows.

Memories of this year’s General Assembly Meetings: Joan Cook's Address

At the recent General Assembly Meetings in Daventry, Joan Cook, was appointed as President of the General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches for the year 2018-2019. Rev Celia Cartwright was appointed Vice-President for the year 2018-2019. Here we print Joan Cook’s address in support of Rev Dr Ann Peart‘s honorary membership of the GA. Thanks go to Kate Foggo for the photograph.