St Mark's Children's Programme

The  position  of  Children ’ s  Programme  Coordinator  was created  in  September  2015  with  the  aim  of  this  role being  to  develop  the  spiritual  programme  for  children and  young  people  suitable  for  the  range  of  children attending  St  Mark's.  Ida  Silkenat  took  on  the  role,  as  an initial two year  pilot.  

Events This Week

The Good Cause in St Mark’s in October

The good cause in October continues to be The St Catharine’s Convent Homeless Project.

The homeless project gives support to the homeless in Edinburgh, the number of whom is increasing all the time. As well as serving over 90,000 free meals a year, the project offers a huge range of services, from guidance with job applications; help for support groups for addicts; to counselling and help in seeking medical assistance. The project is used by up to two hundred people a day. These range from long-term homeless people who are sleeping rough or staying in hostels around the city, to old age pensioners who bus in from their flats in the Edinburgh estates for a meal and some company.

On Friday evenings, two people from St Mark’s help serving the meals.
If you would like to be a part of this worthwhile initiative, please speak to

Elaine Edwards


Mindfulness @ Lunchtime

meets at St Mark’s at 12.15 on Tuesdays

For further information speak to Jon Bagust


Interbeing Buddhist Meditation

meets at St Mark’s every Thursday, usually at 19.15

For further information speak to Jon Bagust