Chalice Lighting Words

On 11 November REV JOHN CLIFFORD lead worship to commemorate the Armistice Sunday centenary. JOHN shared his chalice lighting words, printed below. To end the two minute silence JAMES MACDONALD REID played ‘When the Battle is Over’ composed by Pipe Major William Robb, (1863-1909) of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders.


We light our chalice candle this morning, exactly 100 years to the hour since the cessation of World War I, in remembrance. Of course, we remember the tragic deaths of young military personnel and the tragic deaths of civilians and animals killed in this four-year war, as also in the almost unceasing wars since then, but we also remind ourselves of the tragic waste and terrible cost of this war and succeeding wars. May the symbolism of service and sacrifice inherent in this flame and the continuing memory of this world tragedy spur us to greater efforts for peace, respect, and mutual understanding.