Upcoming Services

Unitarians in Edinburgh return to the etymology of the word Worship for our understanding of it.

The word worship derives from the Old English weorthscipe. In Old English weorth signified 'excellence of character or quality' and 'usefulness or importance'; -ship is a native English suffix of nouns denoting condition, skill, etc. (e.g. friendship).

Consequently, we understand our Services of Worship to be acts of holding up 'that which is of worth' for examination, celebration and thanksgiving.

Services start at 11am unless otherwise stated.


Services are at 11 am in the church, with coffee and conversation in the upper hall afterwards. Children sit with their parents for the opening part of the service, and then follow their own programme.

The good cause in April is Re-Act, Refugee Action Scotland (see page 6). For more information speak to Coby Macaulay.


Sunday 2 April

Katie Brown & Ailsa Davidson

A Blessing of the Animals

Celebrating our animal companions, and the joy, friendship and love they bring to our lives. This Sunday coincides with the start of the UK's Pet Awareness Month. Today, we invite our pets to bring along their happy, humans to join in celebrating the love we share for each other first-hand (or paw). 

Katie Brown & Ailsa Davidson are members of St Mark’s


Sunday 9 April

Rev Brian Cooper

The Syrian Woman and Roman Centurion

Exploring Jesus’ interfaith encounters, and their meaning for today.

Rev Brian Cooper is a retired Baptist minister


Sunday 16 April

Joan Cook

Easter Sunday

The traditional Easter story can be challenging for Unitarians, so if we have difficulties with the traditional message of Easter, what message can Easter have for us?

Joan Cook is our lay celebrant


Sunday 23 April

Barbara Clifford


Barbara Clifford will be looking at both the hope and challenge implied in using the word ‘if’ when talking about our personal experience and the world.

Barbara Clifford is a member of Glasgow Unitarians


Sunday 30 April

Rev Jennifer Doherty


Loneliness is painful, but solitude can have gentleness, power, and possibilities for self-fulfilment. How do we develop a positive relationship with solitary time?

Rev Jennifer Doherty is an interfaith minister


Sunday 7 may

Rev Dr Geo Cameron-Gaiduschek

beltane, fire festival of the sun in summer

The huge Beltane Festival in Edinburgh each year is a fire festival that celebrates of the divine with and within us, the coming of summer and the fertility of the year. It's not just about farming, though. The sun of summer can help us all be creatively fertile, illuminating our work, relationships and spiritual experience.

Rev Dr Geo Cameron-Gaiduschek is a member of St Mark’s