Upcoming Services

Unitarians in Edinburgh return to the etymology of the word Worship for our understanding of it.

The word worship derives from the Old English weorthscipe. In Old English weorth signified 'excellence of character or quality' and 'usefulness or importance'; -ship is a native English suffix of nouns denoting condition, skill, etc. (e.g. friendship).

Consequently, we understand our Services of Worship to be acts of holding up 'that which is of worth' for examination, celebration and thanksgiving.

Services start at 11am unless otherwise stated.


Services are at 11 am in the church, with coffee and conversation in the upper hall afterwards. Children sit with their parents for the opening part of the service, and then follow their own programme.


SUNDAY 24 september

Rev Brian Cooper

From the Local to the Global

An Inter-faith service marking the United Nations International Day of Peace

Rev Brian Cooper is a retired Baptist minister


SUNDAY 1 October

Rev John Clifford

‘If You Change Nothing, Nothing Will Change’

As the theme for his sermon, John Clifford will be using Luther's courageous posting of ninety-five theses for debate as background to the idea that ‘If you change nothing, nothing will change.

Rev John Clifford is a retired Unitarian minister, a member of St Mark’s and a past Unitarian General Assembly President


Sunday 8 October

Rev Dr Rob Whiteman


Rob Whiteman will reflect on aspects of Autumn, including what it means for us as a season in the year, and what it means for us as we get older.

Rev Dr Rob Whiteman is the minister at Dundee Unitarians and a former member of St Mark’s


Sunday October 15

Rev Peter Fairbrother

To the Power of One

'You have looked at so many doors with longing, wondering if your life lay on the other side. For today, choose the door that opens to the inside. Travel the most ancient way of all: the path that leads you to the centre of your life. No map but the one you make yourself.'

An invitation to journey within... and to journey without. A gentle service honouring the importance of ‘self-worthship’.

Rev Peter Fairbrother is an Interfaith minister


Sunday 22 October

Rev Jennifer Docherty

The Hero’s Journey

Can the idea of the "hero’s journey" help in the everyday, even when the nature of our journey might be hidden from us? Can it help us obstacles more gracefully, and hold to our purpose in life?

Rev Jennifer Docherty is an Interfaith minister


Sunday 29 October

Lesley Hartley

'Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?'

Lines from one of our hymns form questions for us all about what Unitarianism has been and is.

Lesley Hartley is a member of St Mark’s and our pulpit secretary


Sunday 5 November

Joan Cook

A Service for All Souls

An opportunity to remember those no longer with us, especially those we have lost in the past year. During the service, there will be an opportunity to light a candle in memory of those we have lost. If you have lost someone in the past year, and would like their name to be included, please let Joan Cook know. Email joancook@hotmail.co.uk

Joan Cook, our Lay Celebrant and Lay Preacher, is a member of St Mark’s and President of the Scottish Unitarian Association