Children's Programme

Families with children are most welcome at St Mark's and we have a dedicated programme for children which runs each Sunday.

Our sessions encourage the children to look at the world around them, to learn more about Unitarians and their contributions to the world and society, as well as discovering more about other World Faiths.


As with services upstairs, no two weeks are identical but we do have our own rituals to keep things familiar.

We start each session with a welcome song and short poem. Then we have time to share joys and sorrows with the group. All are encouraged to share but we ensure no one feels they have to if this makes them uncomfortable.

Next we have a story. Sometimes this is a true story, sometimes it is fiction but they will always have a lesson or question and regularly lead to a deep discussion.


There is an activity next, inspired by the story or it's message. This is the most varied part of the session. Often it is a craft or art based activity but can be a drama game, song or guided meditation. Some of the artwork we have made can be seen in the images.

To close, we have a short mindfulness exercise, followed by our long standing goodbye song, Go Now in Peace.

In the last few months of 2018, we looked at different festivals of light. The children uncovered various themes running through them all. Those of hope, peace, dedication, love and looking forward to a time when the earth would be warm and flourish again.

Our theme until Easter 2019 is how individuals can make a difference in the world. Looking at world visionaries such as Martin Luther-King and Gandhi, Unitarian mould breakers such as Beatrix Potter and Mary Wollstonecraft and everyday individuals who most people will never hear of. This moves into asking ‘How can I make a difference in the world?’.

Each season we have at least one intergenerational service, where adults and children worship and explore together in the main chapel.

Upcoming Intergenerational Services

  • June 9th - Honouring our Pets

  • August 4th - The Return of the Church of Pop

Parents are always welcome in the children’s programme and children are welcome in the main service if they would rather stay there.


If you would like to visit the children's programme, volunteer as a leader or just get more information on what we are up to, please email Sara at