Our Groups

We are home to the following groups:

Bereavement and support group

Grief may be caused by the death of a loved one, but it equally may be caused by the ending of a living relationship. Either way, our Bereavement and Support Group exists to support those of us who are in the process of grieving.

We are a friendly, caring, positive and welcoming group which is peer-led. We meet to support each other in our grieving process. Sometimes the emotions of grief will be recent, sometimes the bereavement may have occurred a while ago. Whatever the reason or reasons, our common denominator for the time we are together is to work through our grief by sharing and listening. The group operates within the community's safeguarding policy.

Apart from our group meetings, there are opportunities, by appointment, to meet on a one-to-one basis with our minister, Rev Peter Fairbrother.

We meet once a month, usually on a Saturday morning, and some of us take it in turn to facilitate the group. The person facilitating usually opens the meeting with thought-provoking words in prose or poetry. We then have a period of quiet reflectiveness. After which we take in in turns to speak, while the others ‘actively’ listen. There is no pressure at the group to talk. You may wish to listen and share when you feel the time is right for you.

For those who wish to speak, they may decide to light a tea light in memory of their loved one(s). When the person has finished talking, the other members of the group may comment on what has been said, or we may wait to the end of the session. It just depends on what seems right at the time.

In listening to what others in the group say, we can find solace in identifying with what others are feeling and it is of comfort to know we are not alone in our grief.

You may not feel ready to come to a meeting but it’s important that you know we will be here when you feel ready to come along.

Please feel free to find out more by emailing our minister, Peter or Jane.

Poetry and prose for pleasure group

We meet one Sunday each month at 12.45 p.m (see the diary for more information) to read and listen to poetry and prose.

We usually choose a theme each month and attenders are asked to bring along two poems on the theme to share with the group.

Sometimes people share poems that they have written themselves.

All are welcome to attend. Please feel free to find out more by emailing Margery.

Bring and share supper

From time to time, usually on a Friday at 7pm, we gather for a bring-and-share supper.

The invitation is to bring a dish to share: homemade or shop-bought; sweet or savoury, but most important of all - bring yourself! Everyone's welcome.

Please see our newsletter Waymark for details of any upcoming suppers or drop us a email at enquire@edinburgh-unitarians.org.uk