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Unitarians in Edinburgh return to the etymology of the word Worship for our understanding of it.

The word worship derives from the Old English weorthscipe. In Old English weorth signified 'excellence of character or quality' and 'usefulness or importance'; -ship is a native English suffix of nouns denoting condition, skill, etc. (e.g. friendship).

Consequently, we understand our Services of Worship to be acts of holding up 'that which is of worth' for examination, celebration and thanksgiving.

Services start at 11am unless otherwise stated.


Services are at 11 am in the church, with coffee and conversation in the upper hall afterwards. Children sit with their parents for the opening part of the service, and then follow their own programme.



Trishna Singh and Mary McKenna

An insight into Sikhism

Sikhism is a way of spiritual enlightenment and Sikh scriptures teach the importance of respect for all humankind. Trishna Singh is a member of the Edinburgh Gurdwara, and she will introduce us to Sikh principles and practices. After the service Trishna will be happy to have an informal question and answer session, and to share her experience of growing up in Scotland as a Sikh woman.

Mary McKenna, our Convener, is a member of St Mark’s and the Chair of Sikh Sanjog.
Trishna Singh OBE is the Director of Sikh Sanjog.


SUNDAY  11  June

Claire MacDonald

Loose  Change: HOPE, Freedom and Belonging

Change is always with us, for better or for worse.  Let’s reflect today on what change feels like, as we step forward into the unknown, at times in doubt, at times in uncertainty, but always in conversation, in love, in kindness, and in hope.

Claire MacDonald is studying for Unitarian ministry at Harris Manchester College, Oxford


SUNDAY 18  June

Rev  Alison  Wagstaff


With readings from Matthew 9 and Genesis 18

Rev Alison Wagstaff is a member of the Clergy at St Columba’s by the Castle


SUNDAY 25  June

Rev  David  Paton-Williams

HEARING an  Echo  of  the  Divine

There is so much noise around us in the world and within ourselves.  How can we hope to hear an echo of the divine?

Rev David Paton-Williams is the Rector at St Columba’s by the Castle


SUNDAY 2  July

Lesley  Hartley

The  Miracle  of  Reading

I do it in a  comfy chair, some people do it in the bath, others lie on a bed, or on the floor, or stood on a tram. How do you read?