Upcoming Services

Unitarians in Edinburgh return to the etymology of the word Worship for our understanding of it.

The word worship derives from the Old English weorthscipe. In Old English weorth signified 'excellence of character or quality' and 'usefulness or importance'; -ship is a native English suffix of nouns denoting condition, skill, etc. (e.g. friendship).

Consequently, we understand our Services of Worship to be acts of holding up 'that which is of worth' for examination, celebration and thanksgiving.

Services start at 11am unless otherwise stated.


Services are at 11 am in the church, with coffee and conversation in the upper hall afterwards. Children sit with their parents for the opening part of the service, and then follow their own programme.


SUNDAY 2  July

Lesley  Hartley

The  Miracle  of  Reading

I do it in a  comfy chair, some people do it in the bath, others lie on a bed, or on the floor, or stood on a tram. How do you read?   


Lesley Hartley and Tom Sparks

The Work of Amnesty International

Amnesty International is a global movement of individuals who stand together to shine a light on human rights abuses wherever and whenever they happen. Tom Sparks (Amnesty volunteer speaker) will speak about the organisation, its activities, and how you can support its work.

SUNDAY 16 July

Rev Marti Keller

A Quiet Passion. Emily Dickinson, a 19th century Unitarian Non Believer

Emily Dickinson, an unbeliever, raised Unitarian, in love with a Unitarian minister, and a private transcendentalist. A service led by a humanist Unitarian Universalist, second generation, a humanist celebrant and a published poet.   

SUNDAY 23 July

Lesley  Hartley

Small kindnesses

'No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.' (Aesop) In the ordinary day, in the extraordinary day, small kindnesses make a difference. Do we make enough differences for each other?  

SUNDAY 30 July

Rev Peter Fairbrother

God in all kinds of everything

Life, Love, and the Eurovision Song Contest.  

SUNDAY 6 august

Rev Dr Geo Cameron-Gaiduschek

Lughnasadh: Festival of the All Skilled One

The Celtic Divinity Lugh was a master of life’s arts. His story can inspire us to embrace all life’s skills, whatever our ages and situations.I do it in a  comfy chair, some people do it in the bath, others lie on a bed, or on the floor, or stood on a tram. How do you read?