November 2017


November 2017 Themes

  • Children's Programme Vacancy
  • St  Mark ’ s  Children ’ s  Programme 2015-2017 by  Blathnaid  Quinn
    Children's Programme Co-ordinator Vacancy
  • Autumnal Reflections by Mary McKenna
  • The  Pity  of  War by Margery MacKay
  • Lughnassadh, Festival of the All Skilled One by Rev Dr Geo Cameron-Gaiduschek
  • Presence, Connection and Community by Pete Smith and members of the Interbeing Sangha
  • Inspirations for Peace-Making bddy Rev Brian Cooper
  • In and Around St Mark’s
    • Music on Sundays, Past and Present
    • St Mark's Good Cause November & December
    • Rossano Sportiello
    • Chalice  Singers Rehearsals
    • Poetry for Pleasure
    • Teens  and  Tweens  Group
    • Note  of  Appreciation  from  Heather  and  Fiona  Guthrie
  • Looking forward to Christmas - Three Outreach Initiatives
    • Reverse Santa
      • St Catharine’s Homeless Project
        • Edinburgh Direct Aid
  • Chalice Lighting Words by Phillida Sawbridge and Hilary Anderson

October 2017

October Waymark Cover.jpg

October 2017 Articles:

  • Children’s Programme Co-ordinator Vacancy
  • Reflections on Water by Ida Skilenat, Christina Hamilton and Mary McKenna
  • Giving Thanks by Mary McKenna
  • Calm Water, Calm Minds By Amy McDonald
  • Well-Dressing by Margery MacKay
    - Bereavement Support Group / Poetry Reading for Pleasure / Bring & Share / Halloween at St. Mark’s / Teens & Tweens / St Mark’s Bookmarks / The Good Cause in St Mark’s in October / Mindfulness @ Lunchtime / Interbeing Buddhist Meditation

July 2017

July Articles:

  • What's on the Horizon
  • Hopes and Dreams
    - for the future of St Mark’s
  • Caring for Swans ...
    … a reflection
  • Chalice Lighting Words
  • Thich Nhat Hanh's Message
    - On How to Overcome Anxiety
  • artSpace@StMarks Venue 125
    - Edinburgh Festival Fringe Programme 2017
  • ANN SINCLAIR is seeking volunteers
    to look after our box office in August.
    - Can you help?
  • A warm welcome back to
    Patrice Fitzgerald and Richard Leslie
  • A Great American Songbook Cabaret
  • The Power of a Green Space
  • A Timely Interfaith Service and Bring and Share Lunch
  • The Good Cause in St Mark’s in July and August
  • The Children’s Programme

June 2017

June Articles:

  • Edinburgh Festival Fringe
    -  at artSpace@StMarks
  • Promoting Pastoral Care
  • A Reflection by Lorna Barry
  • Help Us To Listen, For We Are Very Deaf
  • St Mark’s Annual General Meeting
  • Scottish Unitarian Association
    Annual Meeting
  • General Assembly Impressions
    -  from Student to President
  • A Blessing of the Animals
  • Reflections on General Assembly
    -  ELIZABETH WELSH reports
    -  KATE FOGGO reports
  • Chalice Lighting Words
  • Thanks Giving 2016-2017
  • Dates for your Diary

May 2017

Waymark May 2017

May Articles:

  • Be inspired
    -  General Assembly Meetings 2017
  • Together We Can Make an Impact
  • BRIAN ROBERTSON reflects on … his first visit to the General Assembly Meetings
  • Motherhood, Culture, and Identity
  • Qualifications
    -  On being Organised
    -  from Student to President
  • A Blessing of the Animals
  • Reflections on General Assembly
    -  Annual Meetings April 2017
  • Blessing of the Animals
  • Dates For Your Diary

April 2017

April Articles:

  • ‘#BeBoldForChange? International Women’s Day’
  • ‘Some Things are Good’
  • BLÁTHNAID QUINN reflects on … … Second Chances
  • Gratitude
  • Actively Seeking Joy
  • Charity in Progress
    - What do we do next?
  • Charity in Progress
    - Our Partner Church in Chennai
  • How we feel, What we do,How we cope when things don't go as we expected or planned
  • Chalice Lighting Words
  • Blessing of the Animals
  • Dates For Your Diary

July 2016

July Articles:

  • Farewell, and Good Luck, Maud: St Marks’s Children’s Programme Picnic, Sunday 5 June
  • Progressing our plans for the Next Minister
  • Rev Maud Robinson reflects on... the transfer of important roles
  • When You Forgive: An address given in St Mark’s by Rev Maud Robinson on 22 May 2016.
  • Volunteers for Fringe Benefits
  • Chalice Lighting in St Mark’s
  • Website Appreciation
  • The Refugee Survival Trust: St Mark’s Good Cause in July and August
  • St Catherine's Homeless Project
  • Worship Studies Foundation Course 2016
  • Baby Blessing at St Mark’s
  • Congratulations to Rob Whiteman

June 2016

June Articles:

  • Edinburgh Festival Venue 125 Come and Join us in August!
  • Moving Forward
  • Rev Maud Robsinson reflects on... building an understanding with those who ‘profess different religious understandings’
  • Leading Worship – A Workshop
  • Interfaith Matters
  • Life as a Muslim
  • The Rock Trust: St Mark’s Good Cause in June
  • St Mark’s Annual General Meeting
  • Thanks Giving 2015-2016